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Canines to Canada!

Dogs with Wings: Canines to Canada After almost 2 years at Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary, Booch, Bunny, Hoku, and Star are embraced by Montreal’s Sophie’s Dog Adoption assisted by Marwa Hussein. Kimberley Race, dog rescue broker, set up these great connections! Because of the distance and airline restrictions, getting these pups to their furever homes in dog-loving Canada is complicated!


We need your help to make this dog rescue mission a success. Here is their journey: after a 2.5hr drive from Kea’au to Kona, Gail Scheck is travelling with the dogs from Kona to Boston where she gets picked up by Maureen Collins in rental van. For the Love of Dogs Vermont is housing the 4 pooches and 2 humans for the night (huge thanks!). Next day they drive to Canada where the dogs will enter Sophie’s excellent foster system and be in a loving homelife until they get their furever homes.


Please be part of this rescue mission in any way you can!! We already have generous donations covering gas. The estimated cost for Health certificates, kennels, airfares, and van rental is $2700. 

Canines to Canada.jpeg
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