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Join our Doggie Brigade!


Fostering is the absolute best way to get cats and dogs ready for their forever homes. Fostering allows them to get lots of attention, and used to people and other animals, making them awesome, adoptable pets.If you are interested in being a foster parent, please reach out and we can chat!

Going for a walk

So many shelter dogs just never get out. Sometimes they just need a good walk. Not only does this help the pup socialize and learn important skills that help them get adopted, it is great for YOUR soul ,too!

Adoption Fairs/Parade of Paws

Action 4 Animals Hawaii has regular adoption fairs around the east side of Hawaii Island. We are typically at Petco in Hilo at least one Saturday a month, and have also been in Volcano, Leilani and at UHH. Volunteer needs include setup, cleanup, animal pickup/dropoff, and talking to prospective adopters. 

Doggie training classes

Our goal is to create as many adoptable dogs as possible! Training class go a long way to helping pups find their forever home. If you'd like to help by taking a dog to a training class we would LOVE to have you join us! Currently we have 2 dogs participating in Shear Magic's obedience classes at the Hilo Petco and 3 other dogs receiving obedience and agility training at Kukini Dog Agility in Mt. View. If you can't come to a class, you can also SPONSOR a dog to go to training classes.

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