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Put me to work!

Action 4 Animals Hawaii's working cat program is specially designed for cats that might not fit into the snuggly, cuddly category that most of our adoptable kittens fill. Working cats can range from friendly to just-want-to-do-my-cat-thing.


If you have a rodent problem, cats can be the answer. Unlike poisons and traps that kill native birds, dogs, and cats, and can be especially cruel and ineffective, working cats are great rodent hunters and will send those rats packing their suitcases and heading for the hills! 

The perfect working cat situation would be on a farm or ag land which is away from busy roads. There should be no dangerous animals in the vicinity (cat hating dogs, for example). While these kitties are outdoor or indoor/outdoor, we want them to be safe and healthy!

For the $90/pair adoption fee we will provide two awesome cats, loan of a  wire kennel, and loan of a litterbox and scoop. You will need to provide the cat litter (for the 2-3 week kenneling time), food dishes, and wet and dry food. All cats must be fed regularly even after being released, as cats can't live on rats alone! You must also provide a sheltered location for them to snooze in. All cats are fixed, chipped, and vaccinated.

If you think you have a great working cat location, please reach out!

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