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Lost & Found

Lost Pets:
1. Talk to your neighbors and make sure they know what your pet looks like and that you are looking for it.
2. If your pet is microchipped, double-check that the chip is registered! If you don't know the number, the place that implanted your pet's chip might be able to help.

3. Register your pet as lost on Petco Love Lost. You don't need to know your pet's chip number for this site -- it is based on facial recognition technology so a picture is all that's required. They also have templates for posters. 

4. Post signs with your pet's picture in your neighborhood and on social media. Specifically, post on neighborhood and pet-related groups. You can also post posters in vet offices where someone might bring in a pet to check for a chip.

5. Reach out to Animal Control and local rescues to let them know your pet is missing. 

Cat Specific Information:

1. Check under tarps, sheds, decks and concrete steps. Look in woodpiles, in weĺls of any cars or ATVs parked nearby. Cats are very good at hiding!

2. If you think your cat is in the area, you can borrow a live trap. Here's a link on how to use a trap.

3. Scared cats move at dusk watch for the cat then. Put some good smelly food out.

Found Pets:

1. Check for a microchip! Any vet or humane society help FOR FREE. There are also often helpers in the neighborhood who have chip readers. Once you have the chip number, a great site to check for registration is

3. Register the pet as found on Petco Love Lost. The site is based on facial recognition technology, so a picture is all that's required. They also have templates for posters. 

2. Post the animal's information on social media, especially on local or neighborhood groups and on pet-related groups.

3. Put up posters with the animal's info in hopes the owners see it.

4. Walk around your neighborhood, and ask neighbors. Dogs, especially, typically don't wander too far from home.

BEFORE Your Pet Is Lost:

1. Get them microchipped! Any vet, as well as the clinics held at Petco stores can microchip your pet. This is the #`1 way of getting your pet back quickly!

2. REGISTER your pet's microchip! Unregistered chips are not helpful. Registering at Petco Love,, and 24PetWatch are all FREE options. You can also register for a small fee at the chip's manufacturer's site -- usually Nanochip or AVID.

3. Double-check your pet's registration is recorded by going to and looking the number up yourself.

4. Keep your pet contained as much as possible. Fenced yards, keeping cats indoors, walking your dog on a leash. 

5. Be careful about collars with outdoor kitties. They can get snagged on trees and cause more harm than good. If your kitty will be outdoors, consider getting them ear-tipped when getting them fixed. More information on ear tips here.
6. Make sure you have a good picture of your pet. Especially common patterns, such as tabby or black cats, can be hard to tell apart. Make notes of your pet's markings and unique features.

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