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Help Big Island cats.


Fostering is the absolute best way to get cats and dogs ready for their forever homes. Fostering allows them to get lots of attention, and used to people and other animals, making them awesome, adoptable pets.
If you are interested in being a foster parent, please fill out our cat foster application.

Petco Cubbie Helpers

Action 4 Animals Hawaii assists Rainbow Friends in the care and feeding of cats in the Petco Hilo cubbies. We are always looking for reliable helpers to clean the spaces and love on the kitties.

Working Cat Program

Sometimes there are cats that aren't quite the lap cat that a family is looking for, but but could be a great hunter! These cats make wonderful working cats. We provide PAIRS of cats, an enclosure to get them used to their new area and the property owner provides ongoing food and protection from the elements. We could really use help in delivering, setting up, and disassembling these working cat projects. It saves cats from the shelter and helps everyone involved!

Adoption Fairs

Action 4 Animals Hawaii has regular adoption fairs around the east side of Hawaii Island. We are typically at Petco in Hilo at least one Saturday a month, and have also sponsored fairs at UHH, Cooper Center - Volcano and Leilani. Volunteer needs include setup, tear down, animal pickup/dropoff, and talking to prospective adopters. 

Trap/Neuter/Release (TNR

TNR is key to controlling the community cat population on our Island. We try to sponsor a couple of TNR events per year in different target areas where large numbers of community cats are trapped, neutered and then released back to their colonies. We can always use volunteers in our efforts.

Feeding the Colonies

Throughout the Island there are groups of community cats called "colonies". Places where people abandon cats or cats just seem to multiply. We can always use volunteers to help feed these kitties, help identify those that need spay/neutering, and save any that can be domesticated and rehomed.

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